Furniture Care

A new piece of furniture is an investment that can become the source of great pride and pleasure. Like all fine things, quality furniture must be properly maintained and cared for.

Unfortunately, most homes have hostile environments for furniture. Temperature changes and extremes in humidity can cause wood to move. Furniture can also take a beating from everyday use. That’s why even the best made furniture needs protection.

During our long Quebec winters, indoor humidity levels sometimes drop low enough to cause dry skin, irritated eyes, throat and lungs. These conditions can also dry out wood furniture which weakens joints and shrinks flat surfaces causing splitting, cracking or warping.

Don’t wait until your furniture becomes damaged by low humidity. Take preventative measures to maintain proper humidity levels in your home which will protect furniture, plants, paintings and books as well as your overall health and personal comfort.

High humidity levels and excessive moisture are equally harmful and can ruin wood finishes, soften glues and cause structural weakness.

Too much direct sunlight is another enemy of fine wood furniture. It causes cumulative and irreversible damage. Its energy and the resulting increased temperatures can chemically degrade finishes and wood stains. Clear finishes can turn yellow or opaque and wood stains can become bleached. In some cases wood cell structure actually breaks down.


Fine furniture requires regular maintenance. Frequent dusting is actually more important than polishing. Be sure to use a soft, lightly dampened microfiber cloth to gently clean surfaces. Avoid using spray waxes and polishes. Make sure to use coasters and mats under vases, glasses and cups to protect furniture from spills, condensation, stains, and heat. Wood finishes can soften and stain if they come in contact with plastic or rubber. To avoid scratches, do not slide felt lined objects across surfaces.


Before trying to move a piece of furniture, examine it for loose or damaged joinery. Be sure to remove shelves and remember to secure doors and drawers. Tables should always be lifted by their apron or legs rather than by the top. Lift chairs by the seat and rail instead of by the arms or crest rail. Lift large furniture items instead of dragging them to avoid excessive lateral pressure on the legs and feet. Transport fine furniture items by laying them on their back or top. Marble tops should be carefully removed and transported in a vertical position.


All solid wood products are subject to shrinkage, warping and seasonal cracks over time. These occurrences are non-structural and will not affect their durability. Mobilart will not be held responsible for these natural occurrences. In many cases, these variances add cachet to furniture by giving a cherished, heirloom appearance. Keep quality furniture items away from direct heat sources (heat vents, direct sunlight, fireplaces) because hot, dry environments are especially harsh on wood.

Treat your furniture with little care and respect and enjoy your investment for years to come.

Guardsman Gold Complete Plus Protection Plan

This extensive protection plan is available for new furniture purchases. It covers accidental stains and damage to fabric, leather and hard surface furniture.