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Display your collections of china, crystal and brass in one of our wonderful breakfronts, curios or china cabinets. We’ll help you choose the perfect cabinet with design options such as interior lighting, mirrored backs or glass shelving. In our Montreal showroom we display corner curio cabinets and console cabinets as well as our selection of full size cabinetry. If your style is contemporary, modern or traditional, we will help you find the display cabinet that is perfect for your room, your décor and your style. If you are looking for clean lines and sleek contours or your preferred style is sculpted and ornamented, our hand crafted display cabinetry is of the finest quality and of impeccable taste. Glass cabinets with interior lighting are a magnificent way to add interest and style to a dining room or any other room in your home. Many of our display units offer you custom made options such as wood tones and metal colours and adjustable shelving.